Offer - Tires



Moto Budrex is one of the largest tire wholesalers in Europe. Our wide offer includes over 50 tire brands, most of which we are sales leaders on the domestic and foreign markets. High stock levels – necessary to meet the needs of customers – require large warehouse spaces, the total value of which is 20,000 m2.

Passenger car, delivery van, off-road, truck, agricultural, industrial, motorcycle and specialist tires – this is a part of the Moto Budrex range offered to its customers.

Sale of tires is not only wholesale, retail sale available in all branches of the company convinces and brings together more and more customers who are guided by: the availability of goods, a wide range of products, professional assembly and a very favorable price.

The Moto Budrex tire is a key item in our offer – so that the customer can be professionally served, we conduct continuous training and improve the qualifications of our employees. The actions taken have their effect in convincing the customer that the purchased tires have been selected according to his car, needs and driving style.

We provide the current stock levels, promotions and assortment to our customers via our own B2B ordering platform: