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B2B cooperation

Register in the B2B system: +48 52 323 08 52bok@motobudrex.pl
Contact regarding the implementation of the contract: +48 52 323 08 17, +48 52 323 08 52

About us

Moto Budrex Group is a consortium of entities providing a comprehensive range of services related to the tire and automotive market. Our tire wholesale business with its own logistics center, service center, and car showroom forms a cohesive unit. We invite you to collaborate with us.

Why us?

At Moto Budrex, tires are not just a commercial product. They represent safety and quality above all. We provide tires for every customer group, with equal emphasis on the comprehensiveness of our offerings and competitive pricing. With over thirty years of experience in the tire industry, we guarantee professional service and an optimal selection of the best tires.

Leaders on the domestic and foreign market

30 years of experience
Industry and product knowledge is the result of expertise and many years of experience.


150 thousand tires

Steady quantities of tires ensure a continuous supply and a vast selection.


24-hour delivery
The majority of our tires reach the customer within 24 hours.


11,000 m2 of warehouse space
Our tires are stored in optimal conditions at our own logistics center.